Monday, November 15, 2010

Plastic Surgery and Carrot Cake

I have plenty to say about both of those topics, and they'll have to wait until tomorrow, as I need to feed the family.

But in a nutshell, I went to see the plastic surgeon today for a consult. He's ready to do arms/boobs now. Wants to see my BMI hit 29, then ready for TT and leg lift.

Will talk at length about my conversation, and my feelings tomorrow.

I was able to procure Kroger brand CARBmaster Carrot Cake yogurt today. Tastes a lot like...... carrot cake. All it was missing was carrot bits, raisins, and a walnut or two. Hmmmmm...... could add those myself. Will do a full review with pix 2morrow.

Hit a new low today as well....... 7.1 pounds until I'm in ONEDERLAND!


  1. HA! i was totally going to post that i am ready to get my arms done soon. i decided to do this sooner rather than later so i can have my scar healing before i start tanning again. AND i think this will help me feel better about clothes and my body -- ie tank tops.

    re your comments on my blog...i am an old navy whore too.

    the bra post was on jen's blog.

    thanks always for your amazing comments...

  2. Oh my gosh you are almost in onederland that is amazing!

    I wish I had a kroger around here because I eat a lower carb diet and that sounds peeerrrrrfect!