Friday, August 26, 2011

Hanes Socks

Alright...... you've heard about me going to Zumba. I LOVE it.

But I will admit that I have having problems with my socks, inside my sneaks. Especially some of my older socks. Some were getting sucked inside my shoes while doing the cha-cha (I know you know what I'm talking about!)

OR...... and this was the worst, I was having problems with the seam across my toes, specifically over my left foot.. PINKIE TOE! OUCH!!

So. Not sure if I told you, but I'm a BzzAgent. You can read all about it here. Essentially, it's word-of-mouth marketing. I sign up for campaigns that I am interested in, and they usually send me a product, or a few of them, literature about the product, and... very important..... coupons to share with my friends. Check them out, they're always looking for new agents to try products, and give opinions!

So, when I saw the "Hanes, Comfort Toe Seam" campaign, this momma hopped on it! (awww... get it, hopped, like on a foot!!)

They sent me 3 pairs of these lovely socks. One pair with cute stripes, one white/pink pair, and one black pair. I love presents, and honestly, this one felt a bit like a birthday present!

The box arrived about 20 minutes before I was going to Zumba, so I figured I'd throw caution to the wind, and instead of washing them first, I popped on the cute stripped pair, and off to Zumba I went.

NO getting sucked into my shoes!
NO left pinkie toe pain!
NO super sweaty feet when I was done! (can't say the same about my sports bra.....)

I got 5, count em, FIVE $1.50 coupons for these babies. Want one? Comment me your email address, and I'll email you for your address!

BTW....... I've washed them all TWICE now, and they hold their shape, no weird fraying..... no problems. I'm THRILLED with these socks.

As a matter of fact, Mr. Tripletmomma is a continual run on sentence about his socks and seams problems. Guess who's getting a FEW packages of these in his Christmas stocking???

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  1. I'll take one!