Monday, August 1, 2011

Who's the bitch in the pink?

See that skinny chick in the pink shirt, over that scout's shoulder? Who the heck does she think she is, with a pink top, and matching blue/pink Detroit hat? I'm so sick of skinny girls thinking they're all that..... What? You say that bitch is ME? No.... I know what I look like, and I weigh at LEAST 50 pounds more than her! When **I** was standing there and taking pictures, my ankles/calves had 10+ pounds of water on them, and I was actually upset that we were leaving camp, cuz then I had to face CS (cranky scale) and I knew it wouldn't be good.

So imagine my surprise when I look at this picture, and wonder who that chick is..... and then slowly realize, it's ME! I have to wonder WHEN I'm actually going to start recognizing myself in CANDID photos (as opposed to posed pix..... where I know my picture was taken!)

Here's my and another mom who camped all week (Mom's ROCK!!!!!!) We joined our Boy Scout Troop's "Fire Bowl" skit on the last night of camp. What was our roles? Girl Scouts of course. First time I ever enjoyed getting boo'd off a stage :)

Can you see me? I'm there... in the second row behind the boys, next to the guy with the goatee. I had to remember where I was sitting, to scan through the picture and "find" myself..... I'm starting to feel like WALDO!

Camp was a lot of fun, and I certainly got my "hike" on.... we hiked a MINIMUM of 5-6 miles each day, averaged about 7, and one one particularly good day, I hiked over 12. NEXT year, I'm wearing my pedometer like the other mom did! Smarty-pants!

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