Friday, April 8, 2011

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh...................... she rambles on

Did I mention that I feel 1 MILLION percent better after getting that little un-fill? That's all it took, and within 2 days, I was completely back to normal. I am a complete MORON for waiting more than a few days to get that un-fill (especially since I'm getting fills/un-fills free now)

I took my boys (including hubby..... he is certainly one of my boys!) to Niagra Falls/Toronto for a spring break vacation. Note to anyone wanting to go to Niagra Falls: it's almost deserted this time of year! We were first in line for everything!

We did all the touristy crap, except for Maid of the Mist..... too cold for my blood to be cold and WET.

The best thing about our trip though, for me, is that I came home after 4 straight days of restaurant eating, to an all-time low of 183.6!!

I was SUPER diligent about what I ordered, and often got 'warnings' (not sure if you guys get warnings first, and then get stuck. I get a warning first, I slime a LITTLE, I get a full feeling, kinda like Thanksgiving days of yore..... just a little pressure, to say "slow down!!") but I ate smart! The only disappointment was that I got a shrimp plate at Rainforest Cafe, and could only eat the veggies and caribbean rice. Shrimp are now off the list of food that can make it past my band. I'm thinking green beans might be off the list too, unless I cook them down pretty soft!

I was concerned that I'd be a little up, not from bad choices, but because I had no control over SODIUM. I'm a bloaty-bloat-bloat, and definitely suffer the wrath. Add to that, all that WALKING! Not to mention, that I have a "shy colon" when I'm traveling. I could be away from home for 3 weeks, and wouldn't poop ONCE whilst away. Thankfully, I went the morning before we left, and I went within an hour of getting home. Still not back to normal, but nothing a little fiber can't fix. :D Aren't you glad you stopped by? If nothing else, you got an unsolicited poop story :)

I got a letter today from the hospital that's hosting my exorcism...... (exERcism perhaps? I'm having the skin exorcized from my body... and since I'm paying for the whole party, I can NAME it, dammit!) Essentially telling me that I need to cough up the dough no later than 1 week prior to surgery. I already put down a $6K deposit, then I need to pay the other $6K (that's for my surgeon) and then $3530.00 to the hospital. Anethesia apparently bills later, to the tune of $1500. So, I'll pay the hospital about 2 weeks before they need it. Cushions people..... we all need them. I don't trust anyone to even TAKE my money without making some sort of error :)

BTW...... apparently grilled/broiled vegetables are my new besties. They go down my band like ice cream on a hot day. Zucchini, summer squash, broccoli, red onions, carrots, sweet potatoes, red-green-yellow bell peppers..... I have a feeling that "stir fry" and "grilled vegetables" are going to be peppered a-plenty throughout my spring/summer fare.

Triplet #3 is going to help me do my vegetable/fruit gardening this season, since I'll be around to start it all, but then will have to take a hiatus to heal from arm/boob/tummy surgery. I'm planning tomatoes, potatoes, onions, jalapenos, bell peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, summer squash, green beans........ we have blueberries growing between my house and my neighbors that we planted 2 years ago, and we've been able to get berries since last year. I think instead of growing strawberries, we'll go picking again this year, and then with 1/2 the yield, I'll make my sugar-free jam, and can it. I'll be making and canning salsa as well, and if we get too many tomatoes at once, I'll crush/can them as well.

I've been looking for a plus-size consignment store that's local, because I have some beautiful clothes, many with tags, that I'd like to say goodbye to. I'd love to get in on the action of "the traveling pants" with the bandsters, but honestly, with this surgery pending, I'd love to be able to build up the funds that I'm depleting for the surgery. Well....... the universe must have been listening, because don't you know, there was a write-up about a brand-spanking new Plus-Sized consignment store that opened, and it's somewhat local (30-40 minute drive... that's local!)

So...... tomorrow my plan is to go through that giant pile that's been growing in my closet corner, that has all the clothes that are way too big. Then, sort by season. Anything spring/summer that's in GREAT or better condition, goes to the consignment store. Anything in good-great condition, perhaps goes in an ebay lot, and anything in bad-good condition starts at our neighborhood garage sale in May, and then goes in bags to the Salvation Army/Kidney Foundation.

I will save my size 28 jeans for a while..... I've learned a lesson from other WLS blogs that I should keep a few key pieces, and get rid of the rest. So...... that's the plan.

BTW........ I shopped at ROOTS a store in Toronto, and picked up these little comfy-cozies:

Cute, right? I needed a new hoodie, since my other one is a size XXL from Old Navy, and is starting to look silly-big. So I tried it on, and got a size Large. I also got sweats, and let the salesgirl tell me that a size Medium would be good. So I get home, try them on, the sweatshirt fits perfectly! The sweats fit perfectly, and as I sit in them now, they're a little baggy. I'm laughing to myself that if I get another pair, I should probably get a size small. So I go to the website, and check out the size charts:

A large top is a size 8/10 USA sizing! OMG!!!!

Medium pants are a size 6!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was hoping to start easing into size 8 territory........ but size 6? Could it happen? SHOULD it happen? It's happening NOW..... It's sweatpants, and albeit they have plenty of GIVE...... but size 6?

HELL...... that should be printed on the OUTSIDE of the pants!

OK....... enough rambling. Once I have gone through the traveling pix, I'll upload to share :)

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