Saturday, April 9, 2011

Have Hips??

I spoke yesterday of going through my spring/summer clothes, to consign out.

I had bought some DARLING clothes, when I was a 26/28 (let's be honest..... I was busting out of my 30/32 clothes) that were all size 22/24.  I had myself a Lane Bryant Grand-Mal Seizure, and spent $1000.00 in one day, buying all the cute stuff I was craving, because I **was** going to fit into it.

And then it all hung in my closet, with all the price tags still intact. 

And they hung there.

And hung there.

And then one or two things fit........ kinda snug........ so then they hung there.

My closet was SO packed with clothes, that the bar came crashing down about 2 years ago. Hubby put it back up. It fell back down, he put it up, it fell down. He essentially secured that sucker with support beams that go 1/2 way to China, and then it didn't fall again.

But the clothes still hung there.

Cute, darling, springy/summery clothes.

Then came August 2009....... I got my lap-band, and all was right with the world. Until I realized, I hadn't consulted my star/moon/planet alignment.


By the time the spring/summer rolled around in 2010, everything was too big. 


I leave it all in the closet, thinking that perhaps magically, the Seamstress Fairy will show up, and make it all fit.

Fast forward, "Spring 2011" (I use that term loosely, cuz here in the D, it's still FREAKING SNOWING) and I try on that cute, cute blue skirt with the flower sewn on. It never fit, I always wanted it to fit. It was the skirt I always wanted to fit. Then I watched it fall to the floor when I tried it on. I wrapped it around me 1.5 times, and still....... HUGE.

I sighed..... looked at the tag that said "You never wore me, bitch" and said "someone will wear you my friend"

I was wishing for a Plus-Sized Consignment store..... and let it go.

THEN....... last weekend, I was reading the newspaper, and don't you know it?!?! A brand new consignment store! It caters to sizes 12 and up! They're looking for spring/summer clothes!

So I packed up two huge bags, and went on my merry way!

The name of the store is HIPS (how cute is that??)

Here's a linky:

Metro Detroit Ladies....... 


Cute, cute, CUTE clothes! This is not your Grandma's Plus Size Store (Catherine's.... I'm looking at you!) 

This Stuff is Trendy!

This Stuff is HOT!

This Stuff is Plus-Sized..... consignment (actually Re-Sale Shop) with FLAIR!

It's so totally BOUTIQUE.....

I sold about 3/4 of what I brought in (score!) and am so happy to know that someone else will be able to use these clothes!

BTW....... the prices?!? Best I've seen!

They had a pair of those "7 For All Mankind" jeans..... for $36.00! OMFG!

So..... Metro Detroit.... you FINALLY have it, a Plus Sized Resale Consignment Shop that's trendy, priced fairly, and just AWESOME!


  1. That place is practically in my backyard! I can't believe I didn't see it! Thanks for the review :)

  2. You made me LOL! I wish I still lived in Toledo - I'd be there in a heart beat!

  3. Way to go Vikki Jean , Your cuz from across the pond!!!